Founded in 1972, Silvestre Vieira Magalhães & Filhos Ltd. is a company dedicated to the manufacture and storage of buttons, as well as haberdashery, fashion accessories and fabrics.

Initially focused on the domestic market, it currently exports throughout Europe. The quality of the products associated with the unique style is one of the reasons for its success.

With extensive experience in the area and using the latest production and finishing technologies, the company has a highly qualified team for the mass production of personalized buttons for the customer.

With an internal design department, we develop all types of personalized buttons together with the client, without resorting to subcontracting external services.

The commitment to innovation and product quality is decisive for the loyalty factor.

Our Mission

Since the beginning, Botões Paris has invested in innovation and quality products, a decisive factor in the loyalty of our customers. With an internal design department capable of developing any type of button.

We are increasingly focusing on buttons made from natural materials or sustainable materials.

We know that many of these materials have been used for hundreds of years, but, unfortunately, with the advent of industrialization many have been forgotten. We want to re-introduce more natural and sustainable materials into the fashion industry

We guarantee the development of innovative solutions and a continuous search for excellence and sustainability.

What Makes Us Unique?

At Botões Paris, we believe in fundamental values that guide all our actions.

Integrity, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction are the pillars that support our company. These values shape our decisions and drive our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Some of these values are:

Unparalleled Variety: We offer a wide range of buttons in different styles, sizes and materials. Whether casual, formal or artisan fashion, we have the perfect button for your needs.

Exceptional Quality: Our commitment to quality is evident in every button we produce. We use durable materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure our products meet the highest standards.

Innovative Design: We are constantly updating our collection to reflect the latest fashion trends. A constant search for inspiration results in buttons that not only complement clothes, but also elevate style to a higher level.

Sustainability: We care about the environment and, therefore, we seek sustainable practices in our production, contributing to the social, environmental and economic progress of society. Our commitment is to offer high-quality buttons in a responsible and environmentally conscious way.

We understand the importance of giving back to the community that supports us. We are committed to social and environmental initiatives, constantly searching for ways to contribute to a more sustainable and fair world.


Founded in 1972, Silvestre Vieira Magalhães & Filhos Ltd. is a company that began in Gondomar, Portugal, as Botões Paris. It became known for its detailed buttons.

In 1978 Buttons Paris chose to move to a new facility, marking a crucial step towards modernization and implementing significant improvements in button manufacturing.


In 2000, the incorporation of new equipment provided Botões Paris with the opportunity to expand its horizons into unexplored markets. This modernization not only enhances our production capacity, but also represents a significant step towards growth and diversification.

In 2012, New Old Company was created, combining the knowledge and experience of Botões Paris. This new company directs its efforts towards the international market, bringing with it a heritage of excellence and innovation