Decorative Ribbons

We are pleased to present our exuberant collection of decorative ribbons. Committed to quality, our ribbons are made with premium materials. Durability and smooth texture ensure not only beauty but also a pleasant tactile experience in every project.


Discover the enhanced versatility of our collection, where each piece is carefully crafted. In addition to adorning clothes, our brooches offer versatility and can be applied to bags, hats and other accessories.

Wallet Handles

Check out added sophistication with our exclusive wallet handles. Designed to elevate the style of your wallets, we offer a range from classic designs to modern options, ensuring choices that suit your refined taste.


We delve into the art of jewelry to offer a unique experience of style and personal expression. Each piece is a journey through innovative design and high-quality materials, creating jewelry that transcends simple accessories.

Buckles and Straps

We presented a distinct collection of buckles and straps that combine elegance and functionality. Versatile in applications, these elements transform simple accessories. The emphasis on artesian highlights the precision of every detail, and the customization option allows customers to express their individuality.